SCA brings hope to Immokalee as COVID-19 cases spike

The coronavirus is spiking in Collier county with Immokalee, Florida, leading those cases. Impoverished living and unstable employment have fostered a community of fear and uncertainty. Immokalee is in crisis.

With schools closed for the summer, kids need activities to encourage and build their faith at home. SCA is creating art boxes with bible stories and art activities that children and families can do together.

SCA has served the community through its arts programs and partnerships with local organizations like the Amigos Center, Pathways Early Education Center, St. Matthew’s House, David Lawrence Centers, and others since 2015, reaching children, youth, and adults. Now more than ever, the community needs enriching arts programs of healing and hope.

Pastor Karl Glander, program director at the Amigos Center, commented,

“As Immokalee continues to feel the impact of COVID-19, we welcome the opportunity to have an outreach for the kids. The pandemic is on the rise in our community, with over 900 cases to date. New cases are now spiking. Parents and grandparents are infected - kids having to stay with friends and relatives. Storytellers Creative Arts combines the Word and the arts to bring the light of hope into broken hearts. The art box project will bring hope and love to the underprivileged, building their faith while in isolation. It will touch many lives in Immokalee. Please pray for our families during this difficult time.”

Your donation will help provide supplies and resources to support the SCA Art Box project, reaching children and families in Collier county. It will also enable Storytellers to continue touching the lives of thousands in the recovery and disadvantaged communities of Southwest Florida. To donate, please click here or go to: or call (239) 287-7331.

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